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Why us

In the past few decades, China has grown to become a major economic power. The country’s GDP reached $15.45 trillion in 2020. And the pet industry – which includes everything from food and general products to medical and grooming services – is expected to reach RMB472.3 billion ($66.8 billion) in China by 2023, up tenfold from 2013, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

There are huge opportunities in Chinese animal health care market driven by the rising popularity of pet ownwership. Many foreign animal health care companies seek to expand its distribution network in China. There are many challenges that foreign animal health care companies will face.

Challenges LIKE:

1. Going through the product registration process with China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs(MARA).

2. Dealing with the China’s General Administration of Customs (GACC).

3. International shipping leads to long lead times and significant shipping costs. Inventory management become very difficult.

Those challenges further complicated by the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. 

Working with Nanjing Sbeed, manufacturing your products in China means you can ease those problems and have lower product costs, direct access to China’s market.

Why us?

01 Easy Market Expansion

When you have products made in china, you can market the goods directly to the local market. There is no need to ship the goods from overseas and deal with the Customs. 

02 Experienced

Nanjing Sbeed has been focusing on animal health care products manufacturing since 1999. over the last two decades. We have gained rich experiences on researching,developing and manufcturing animal health care products.

03 Supply Chain

Nanjing Sbeed only use the better quality raw materials and we have a supplier network to sourcing the better ingrdient from all over the world.

04 One-stop Solution

Nanjing Sbeed offers a one-stop solution from initial concept, to formulation, to your packed finished product.

05 Reliable and Privacy

We value each client"s privacy. Your information, identity, brands and plans are secured with us.

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